Being a “hip mom” does not mean you wear mom jeans.

I have had a serious distaste for maternity clothes before I ever needed to wear them. The completely unflattering elastic pants equipped with oddly placed ribbons and over-sized bows designed to enhance your baby bump (or so it seems) Were never enticing to my sense of fashion.  The idea of peasant tops and Velcro shoes, and stretchy waist bands are bad enough, couple that with a total of 70 pounds gained during those long 9 months and you see my frustration.

There is virtually nothing in the way of fashionable clothing for the hip, young mom to be. There is a market out there that is untapped. Millions of dollars in revenue lay untouched. I know I’m not the only woman who feels this way. I made a point to boy-cot maternity clothing and brands that made them. Though I’m sure one person’s efforts are not missed in the big picture I felt like I could do better purchasing bigger sizes of the styles I already wore instead of lowering my standards to that of an over sized clown.

Seriously, they expect us to wear this stuff? We are pregnant, we may have lost sight of our feet but we certainly have not lost our desire for fashion. But such is life, and it’s never ending list of unfairness is growing as you read this.

I’ve learned that a cute pair of cardio pants, that come in a vast array of colors, a Vintage (or not) Tee and a good pair of etnies (great traction) are they best way to go when facing this dilemma. The key is comfort but fashion is a must. And when the bump starts growing which it will unavoidably do, it will be harder to find cute things that provide comfort.

Never fear however, there are many many places that offer plus size clothing options. That will be your best road to travel should you ever need to travel it.


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