Zaden: Sleeping like a baby.

This term has always brought to mind the length of time that babies sleep. Before I had my son I always thought that to say someone was sleeping like a baby simply meant that they sleep a lot. I have found after watching my little baby sleep that this is not so.

The most angelic thing I have ever seen in my life, the most calming and even eye watering sight that exists is watching your infant sleep. The peace that is within them. The joy and wonder that fills you as you watch their little chest move up and down, and hear the sound of their deep breathing. It is in those few moments (Some times short, and some times shorter) when they are lost in dreamland, and you wonder what’s going on in their little heads. If they are dreaming of you, or the dog, or race cars or rocket ships. All the questions that fill your head as you search for answers.

You want so bad to reach in and stroke their slumbering face, and sometimes you can’t fight the urge. It is irresistible the desire to hug and squeeze and kiss. The fact that something so perfect you helped create. Ah, the shear beauty of it all.

This is what makes it all worth it. All the screaming and fussing and crying, all the hitting and kicking and biting. This moment is one you should relish in. Hold it deep inside your heart. Pictures will fade, and rip and tear and become lost, but your memories you have forever. Even after your little one is not so little and you start wondering where this mouthy teen ager came from, and wonder why you even wanted a kid in the first place. Pull out this memory and smile, and know why.


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