Blog: Entry for February 13, 2010

I don’t have much time for an entry today but I wanted to get one out today. Last night was a hard one for all of us here in this house. My little angel is teething and the pain is horrible. His little bottom is so sore, and his mouth is swollen. He was screaming non-stop most of the night.

I know we will get through this, it just seems hard right now. The end is nowhere in sight and he needs it┬ádesperately. Two rounds of Tylenol didn’t even curb the torture he went through, and sleep was just not happening. I was almost tempted to put him in bed with me last night, against his Doctors judgment. The way I saw it, it’s either in my bed or I can take him to his Doctor’s house for the night.

We managed to make it through the night however, and he was MUCH better this morning, thanks to a lot of prayers, time and love. This morning he woke without so much as a fuss, and ate breakfast like a champ. He is now taking a much needed nap, and I am now going to dye my hair that I didn’t get to do last night. Then a trip to the store is in order.

The house is peaceful again, if only for a while. I’ll take that.


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