Blog: Entry for February 19,2010

Weather. Love it or hate it, the changes to our climate are shocking. Global Warming may be a controversial issue, but you cannot deny that something has gone awry. Last month, it was snowing in Florida, and South Carolina and several other southern states. In the Midwest, where I reside last month was a crazy month. It was in the 50’s one week, then the next it dropped to the 30’s only to plummet below zero a few days later. Yesterday it was in the 30’s and it felt wonderful. A friend of mine even went for a walk not knowing when the next sign of nice weather would come our way. Since when is 30’s nice weather?

Since our climate has been reeling from our abuse. Styrofoam, and plastic containers littered in heaps in trash piles, and our hi-ways. It’s upsetting to know that I’ve been a part of this. As have you, maybe even without realizing it. Ever used plastic diapers? Bought groceries and carried them home in a paper sack? Or a plastic one for that matter.

We have all contributed to the horrible mess that we have on our hands. In Northern Florida there is a certain type of iguana that lives in trees. Where the weather falls below thirty degrees they become almost comatose, and their claws are not able to grab the trees from which they hang.

Thousands of iguanas in the area were seen laying on the ground in a trance-like state. How often does it fall below thirty degrees in Northern Florida Maybe as often as it snows.

With bad weather comes wrecks and accidents. It’s unavoidable, multiple 30-40 ton vehicles traveling with semis, and tractors, and various other motorized vehicles at fast speeds. Changing lanes without looking, trekking through ice and snow to get where they need to go. They cannot be stopped, or nothing will get done. Human kind has become so used to “getting things done” at any cost. Even another life.

My thoughts and prayers go out to families who have lost children, fathers, mothers, grandparents, lovers, friends, neighbors due to the negligence of a fellow human being. I also send a hug to those who will lose someone that hasn’t yet. To those who will soon, unknowingly lose someone they are holding right now. Due to a wreck that hasn’t yet happened.

There are four semis that have jack-knifed near my town. Power is out for 1,800 people here, due to equipment failure of a local power company. We are fortunate to be far enough out of town to be caught in that. Today, I am supposed to see my boyfriend, and travel down the same hi-way as all four semi wrecks. That probably won’t happen.

The server that supports this blog, crashed today. Leaving everyone who publishes on it with no power, and outages on their pages. There is a storm cell over our plan. They say that it should pass in a few hours and everything should be back to normal. Imagine that, it’s going to pass as quickly as it came.

Here’s hoping wherever you’re from, you and your family are safe and warm, and with each other. Blessings to you and yours.


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