Blog: Entry for February 22, 2010

Change. Some love it, most hate it, but everyone has dealt with it. It’s unavoidable, and yet in many ways, it’s more avoidable than you think. That snap decision you made without a second thought. A life altering choice you made, with too much thought, only to side swipe the obvious. All consequences of change.

Change can be defined as: A circumstance, that detours from your normal everyday activities and choices. Wake up late today? That’s a change. Have cereal instead of the usual toast an eggs? That’s a change. Changes can be big or small, but most of the time the only one’s we pay mind too are the big ones.

The life altering changes that seem to slap us in face, and demand our notice, are the ones that get in our way. We’ve all made them. It’s how we handle them, that sets the “go-getter’s” apart from the “born-to-fail’s”.

If you face them head on, change will seem to give in to you. It will work in your favor most of the time. Run from it, and change with devour you. It will drain your courage, and strength, and hide any possible way out from your view. Keep a level head, and you will tackle and change.

You may not like them, but it’s wise to realize they are unavoidable, and best taken head first. They might not like you either after that.


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