Blog: Entry for February 23, 2010

After two weeks of phone calls, waiting, and waiting on phone calls, I have finally heard an answer about moving. At last! My mom called the land lord yesterday around 3 pm, and she got the good news. Both units are ready, and have been for quite some time. The paper work needed, is all filled out and complete, as it has been for about a week. The wait was due to management trying to figure out the best way to do the transfer.

My mom needs a level (one bedroom) unit, which would put me into a three bedroom, with just my son. That cannot be, so I am needing to move as well. They haven’t done many transfers from one unit into two.

But, be that as it may, we are finally moving! We get the keys to each unit on March first, which is a Monday, and the movers will be here to help that Saturday the 6th. I will be responsible for hand carrying the boxes, and everything not furniture over, to make things lighter on the men moving us.

My boyfriend is coming over some time that week to help carry things over, I think together we can get most of it knocked out. Everything is done that needs to be done except transferring utilities, and turning on others, two change of addresses at the post office, and any other last minute moving related business.

There’s quite a bit going on today as well. A trip into town for diapers, and some food to get us by until the moving day, and some other things needed around the house. Zaden is napping, and when he wakes, I will change him and feed him, then make lunch for me and mom, and then head into town. I will need to start dinner shortly after we get back, so we have quite a day ahead of all for sure.

Tomorrow is laundry day. That’s the big chore for Wednesday, then I am going over to talk to the land lord about tying up any loose ends before moving. I want to make sure there’s no snags, and everything goes smoothly.

That night or Thursday I’m hoping to see my boyfriend. Thursday will be an easy day, with nothing going on as of yet. Friday will be about the same. Saturday and Sunday will follow suit. Monday being the day we get the key should be busier. That’s when I’ll start carrying over boxes and things.

So, that’s the break down of the week at hand. Busy, busy, busy.


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