Zaden: The joy that teething brings

He can crawl, pull himself up on almost every stationary object in the house, say almost every vowel consonant combination in the English language, and he has the ability to make my heart melt with a smile. My son is growing, fast, and although it may be hard to watch my baby grow, he’s learning almost as fast.

Zaden has had a tooth for about two weeks now, and another one is following closely on it’s heels. The pain the first little tooth put him through is barely out of my head at this point. I can still see my precious boy face swollen and red, lying in his crib that morning, crying out in pain that even Tylenol it seemed couldn’t help ease. That hopeless feeling I got in the pit of my stomach was telling me to do something, anything to help him. I couldn’t.

All the hugs and kisses, I could produce I smothered him with. I played with him, and held him, and told him over and over that everything would be okay. Of course I was reassuring myself, but there’s something about my voice, he doesn’t care what I say as long as I’m talking to him. So, it seemed to help him a little to know that his Mommy was talking, and that I love him.

These memories burn fresh in my mind. I’ve shoved them back into the darkest place in my thoughts, to bury them and force them to stay put. But it’s hard not to conjure them up again, at the sight of another tooth rearing it’s ugly crown from under his too soft gums. This tooth so far has not given him an ounce of grief, I still worry. I hate it when he is in pain.

As any mother knows, the symptoms of teething do not stop at the gums. Fever often accompanies the sly little white one, bringing along a diaper rash that burns and scalds. Fussiness, and gas tag along as well, making for an unpleasant arrival into the world.

I think that since he has mastered one tooth, this next one might not be as big of a problem. It should be crowning any day, and there’s no sign of discomfort. At least not yet. I’m hoping it stays that way.

I am not looking forward to twenty some-odd more, poking and protruding from his pink gums, but I know it is necessary. The pain of teething, is by far better than him needing surgery to cut his gums and remove them.

So, I’ll take it in stride, and pray that it will very soon be over. A distant memory, long buried, never to be lived through again. This I hope.


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