Blog: Entry for April 15, 2010

Today is a very good day for me. My morale is high, and so are my spirits. I’m feeling “heady” and I’m absorbing the day, drinking it in like a sweet-tasting, life breathing juice. I’m in a thankful mood. This is one of those rare days when I feel mellow, and in tune with everything around me.

I have recently planted some petunias outside my back door, and I water them everyday. Taking care of the delicate roots and stems, and beautiful blooms is teaching me about patience and natural beauty. The pink and purple leaves make me smile every time I see them, because I planted them. There’s a¬†sense of pride that floods my heart whenever I walk by the neat rows their planted in. I come in from watering them, their petals swaying in the morning¬†breeze, and I can’t help but feel accomplished.

My emotions are very closely related to music. A good song alters my mood and speaks to me. If I’m sad or lonely or depressed the right choice of a C.D. can make me smile when nothing else can. When I’m already happy, another selection can enhance the feeling. Much like today. My mellow mood was one I had upon waking this morning, but it deepened as soon as I turned on my stereo and the soothing music flowed through the speakers and into my soul. It was absorbed by my veins and traveled throughout my body until everything was in sync, and the world is a good place today!

I am planting petunias, and marigolds for my mother this morning, and I’m sure this feeling will continue to grow. That’s fine with me. A good mood is something I embrace. I have never protested feeling well and happy.

Here’s hoping the day treats you as well as it has me!


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