Entry for April 24, 2010

Hello again this morning. Hope yours is as beautiful as mine :)

Not a whole lot going on today, just a laid back morning so far. Seems like a trend to me lately. Nothing much really goes on besides chores and household and “Mommy Things” as I call them.

I’ve been up, had my coffee, bathed Zaden in hopes of his rash getting better. I think it’s worked. He has a rash on his legs and bottom, for those I haven’t told this news to. It’s very very red and raw, and I’m not sure what’s causing it. I haven’t been giving him tub baths because I was afraid it would gald him. But he seems to be doing better after a tub bath, so I think by trying to help it I was hurting it. I feel bad too, but that’s how we learn.

That’s one thing that’s certain, every mother started somewhere. We weren’t born mothers, we were all born daughters, and somewhere in nine months of bondage, and pregnancy we have learned how to be mothers. Or in my case, this took a little longer than nine months. But I got it.

Eventually, we all figure it out. We “get” this motherhood thing, and it becomes as easy as breathing. What at first seems so hard, giving up your life in favor of the one you created, this being in your expanding belly. That’s not easy. Just thinking about it, makes even the strongest woman cower.

It’s not your life any more. In reality, it never was. Our purpose as women is to have babies. That’s what we were born to do. I’m not getting into women’s lib here, I’m just stating the facts that our bodies are designed for repopulating. Much as a man’s body is built for manual labor. Strong arms, wide shoulders, heavy backbone. Then you have their instinctual drive to protect. Couple that with a woman’s need to be protected, and our emotional needs, and our instincts to nurture. Men want to be nurtured. They protect, we nurture.

It’s obvious that we, as humans, are on the earth to coexist and co-habitat, and populate the planet. Now, I’m not saying that women aren’t good for anything other than having babies. Come now, I’m a woman. I don’t want that “label” so to speak, that my place is in the kitchen slaving for my man. That’s not what I mean at all. Likewise I’m not implying that a man’s place is doing backbreaking work, and his masculinity is threatened if he’s not. Quite the contrary. I was just stating our bodies design, and what I believe to be our purpose.

This said, if we as women are instinctual nurtures, we make the perfect mothers. Think about the feeling you get when your child scrapes their knee. That slight twinge of panic, and the shiver that goes through your spine, at the sight of the blood. That feeling. That’s a result of our nurturing abilities. Without that, our “mothering” would be nothing more than “babysitting” as far as the amount of invested emotions go.

And dad’s, your need to provide doesn’t go unnoticed. That drive is attributed to your child’s need to have a provider. Children are completely physically and emotionally dependent upon both mom and dad for everyday survival. Which is why, you three mesh so well together.

Well, I need to sign off here, and do some things that need to be done around here. The dishes are calling my name. Here’s wishing you a happy and blessed day filled with good thoughts, and good spirits.


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