Entry for April 25, 2010

So far today I’ve gotten ready for the day, got my big boy ready for the day, fed him breakfast, ate some fruit for my breakfast, and I have done two loads of laundry, and still have two more full loads to go. I’m checking email, and Facebook, texting two people, and charging my Ipod, in addition to talking to someone about buying a new battery for my laptop. By now I’m sure you are all¬†familiar with my busy-ness.¬†But it’s not even noon yet LOL

I’m starting to get used to being busy all the time though, and I’ve always enjoyed it. I think it’s rush I get having to do everything on time, and planning it all out so it meshes, and I don’t get too pressed for time. Whatever it is about it that I find fascinating, I sure seem to find myself submerged in the rush of my days.

Today is an emotional day for me. In exactly one month today, my little man will be a year. My son is almost a year. This reality makes me feel old. I’ve been out of high school four years that same month. Then the next month I’ll turn twenty-two. I am getting older faster than I want to.

I’ve heard people say this would happen all my life. That one day they just woke up, and the person looking back at them, was old, or had white hair. Some have even said they saw their mothers looking back at them. At least I know what I have to look forward to.

But today is not about me, it’s about my little guy, who is actually not so little. He never really was little to begin with. When he was born, he was nine pounds four ounces. He had a full head of hair. I’ll post a picture of him at the bottom of this blog. It’s his first ever picture that was taken. Then I’ll post his most recent picture bellow that one for comparison.

I do have many things that need to be done today, in a short time, so I must sign off. I hope your day is full of smiles and wonderful thoughts.

Zaden Christian.

My little baby, in his bassinet at the hospital. A few hours old.

My baby at a friends house in Kansas earlier this month.


4 responses to “Entry for April 25, 2010

    • Yes!!! I found one for $10 but I’m not even sure if it will fit. I haven’t bought it yet though, so if you have one yes that would be amazing. For some reason the one I have isn’t working. My computer isn’t recognizing it. It’s telling me I don’t have one installed which is not true LOL

  1. Crap, that’s the same thing mine’s been doing for a while now and I don’t know how to fix that. It’s not the battery though, that’s how I wound up with a spare. I’m afraid you may just have to keep it plugged in unless you find out a solution I don’t know about. And if you do let me know, would ya?

    • That’s what I’ve been doing Since about September when it went out LOL It made it three months though. Thanks for letting me know it’s not the battery, that saved me ten bucks lol

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