Entry for April 28, 2010

A slow day here today. Can you believe it? A day where nothing is going on? LOL Folded Zaden’s clothes I did have time to put away yesterday, and did a load of dishes. Now I’m sipping chocolate coffee, and loving it!

Yesterday I took Zaden to the high school where to FFA was putting on a “farm day” for the Parents as Teachers kids. Zaden is involved in PAT, and has been since he was a few months old, but we have never gone to anything they have before. I thought this would be a good chance for him to play with other kids, and he had a blast. I think I had just as much fun.

They had two baby cows, and a full grown black one. I told Zaden it was his long lost Uncle, he didn’t like the cow very much. He wasn’t scared, but he just didn’t pay it much attention. They also had two goats. An all black one, and a peach and white spotted one. They were so little and cute. Some one brought kittens, but I wouldn’t let him pet them, because he likes to pull hair, and I’m sure he would hurt a delicate kitten, without meaning to of course.

Then they had two baby pools, like you can buy for your yard, one was filled with shredded paper, that they ran through a paper shredder. Zaden loves paper, so I figured this would be great for him. They hid little plastic animals in the paper, fr the kids to try and find. He loved that I think more than anything there. The other pool was filled with dirt. And yes, it true what they say, boys are made to be dirty LOL He loved the dirt. Maybe more than the paper I’m not sure, but he played in the dirt for about a half hour. That was the most I’ve ever seen him spend playing with one thing.

His attention span is short, so for him to spend more than five minutes on something is amazing. The other children were picking up the little shovels and scooping dirt into buckets. Zaden watched them for a few minutes and figured out how to do it, and started picking up dirt in a shovel he found! My boy is so smart, and makes his mommy so proud!!!

It’s just incredible to me how he figured this out just by watching the other children. Most of which were older kids, maybe five or six. Definitely school age children. I don’t think he knows he’s a baby. That sounds silly, but he just tries anything. When he’s around older kids, and they are doing something, he wants to be a part of the fun, and he will climb right in and join them. He would rather play with toddlers and school age kids than babies. That’s why I don’t think he knows he’s a baby. I think he thinks he’s older than he is. Or maybe he doesn’t understand age. That’s probably more like it.

Cassie, a neighbor of ours with four young boys, came and joined us. Her boys are PAT kids too, and they played with Zaden. Cassie has a son named Brayden, and he is 14 months old, and a little bit shorter than Zaden, maybe two inches or so, but weighs significantly less than Zaden does. He feels about half of what Zaden does LOL But Zaden and Brayden played together most of the evening. I took them and sat them on some hay barrels they had in a corner, and gave Cassie a break. They both really liked having someone their size to play with.

Earlier yesterday morning, I had to take Zaden to Urgent Care. He’s been having really bad diarrhea, and I wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong or how to treat it so I took him in. They told me it was just diarrhea, it was just simply that, which was a relief because I was thinking it was something more serious than that. They told me to put him on something called the “BRAT diet”. Brat is an anagram for Bananas Rice Applesauce and Toast. The nurse practitioner said that I could also give him yogurt. She said to give him only these foods and Pedialyte. So I went to Walmart after we left and bought him a bottle of it.

So far, I haven’t noticed any difference but it hasn’t been a full twenty four hours yet, so we will have to just wait and see. But considering the diarrhea he did wonderful at the “farm day” thing yesterday.

It is going to be a very busy week, so I am enjoying today. Tomorrow, is Anthony’s mom’s birthday, and me and Zaden are invited to go over and have dinner with them. He is getting us fairly early so he can watch a movie or two with me and spend some time with us. He was off Sunday, but couldn’t come get us that day, and is off Thursday (tomorrow) so this will be the only day this week we can see each other. We will be there most of that day.

Friday, will be a slower day, but mostly I will have to do chores. Laundry, and sweeping and mopping, and vacuuming, the normal stuff I would do. Saturday, the Parents as Teachers group is doing a reading program at the library, to teach parents the importance of reading with their kids. I am going to take Zaden, even though I know the importance of reading, I think it would be another chance for him to play with other children, and that can NEVER be a bad thing. It starts at ten that morning and goes until noon. I plan on walking there with the stroller. It’s not a bad walk at all, about twenty minutes or so. So, that would be another plus. A nice walk would do me some good as well.

There is something for May day, here in town also at a place called “Idyll Wild Gardens” that mom wants to go to, it starts at eleven in the morning, but lasts until six. So she might be picking me up at the library and then we will head there afterwards, and check that out.

Sunday of course is church, and that is most of the day. So, the rest of this week is sure to be busy and full of fun.

Well, I do need to sign off here. Here’s wishing you a good day and good weather.


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