Entry for May 18, 2010

I am still for some reason wanting to type “April” in the title of every entry I have written this month. It’s about time my brain wakes up and accepts the fact that time is passing me by, and not showing any signs of slowing down.

I had another busy day today. Got up, did some dishes. Mom came over for coffee, and then we went to the bank and ran some other errands. I am thinking very strongly about changing banks. Not changing I guess, but adding on the the one I currently have.

I am a customer of Bank Midwest, and have been since I was seventeen. The account I had then, was in good standings and I closed it at 19. A few months later, for whatever reason, I opened another account there, and this is the one I have currently. I have been over drawn twice in the 4 year time span since I’ve become a customer there. For this reason, I want to stay with my bank. I feel like I’ve become loyal to them, and also want to save my credit history there.

However, I also feel like it’s time for a change. While I was out today I went to Nodaway Valley Bank and got some brochures on their checking and savings accounts. They have an option for a checking account that will draw interest, similar to a savings account, that my bank does not offer. They also offer a free box of checks for opening an account. I do not write checks, but I believe if I had a box I just might. So, I’m thinking on payday, I’m going to go and open a checking account there.

My reasons for this are two fold. One, Nodaway is very close to my house. Walking distance, which is very important to me. Bank Midwest is also close, but I have to cross a major highway, which is not very appealing to me. Second is the fact that I would like an extra way to build credit. I feel that another bank will help me do this. To back that point up further, here’s what I have decided:

I will use the new account I’m going to open for bills only. I have at the most four bills a month. The money I put in this account will be used as a traditional “checking account”. My current account will be used for spending money. I will use my debit card mostly, and this will be reserved for “purchases” and not much as a checking account, in that I won’t have checks for it. I guess you could call it my “stash bank”. I’ll figure out how much I need for bills (My bills come in at the end of the month, my money comes the beginning of the next month) and that amount will be put into the new account. That’s why I’m calling it the “checking account” because the only account I will be writing checks from is this one. Everything that’s left after I get paid, goes into my current account, for debit purchase use.

There is a local credit union that has added a location here, from their branch in town, and I got some brochures from them today as well. Their interest rates on a savings account are pretty high, and new and used auto loans were amazingly high. This seems like a better place than Nodaway, and even Bank Midwest to have a savings account, so I have decided I will open a local savings account there. It is also with in walking distance, but I have to cross the same highway as my current bank, except at a busier intersection. This is another reason I’m not getting my checking account there. I need to have my primary bank in walking distance, and have it be easily accessible.

I think having three banks will be better all around, because if I ever need a loan in the future I have more options, and it will also help my credit. I think the two checking accounts is genius, and I can’t believe everyone doesn’t have more than one LOL

The savings account is going in the credit union because of the potential for a higher loan (should one ever be needed) and also because of it’s high interest rates. So, that is what I did most of my day was check out banks. I also went to Dairy Queen, and McDonald’s. So much for my diet today LOL

On a lighter note, I am two pounds from my pre-Zaden weight of 180!

Well, I think that’s it for now. Not much planned for tomorrow, a Dr. Appt. then running to St. Joe for a few errands. Will try to write more when I get a chance.


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