Birthday cake, sippy cups, and plastic forks

Today was the dawn of a new era. The start of many new experiences, and the beginning of the end. The end of bottles and jarred foods. The end of rubber lined spoons, and scrubbing glass jars. My baby turned one today!

He had whole milk in a cup for breakfast, along with baby cereal, with milk added to it. He had some “puffs” and some organic crackers as a snack. Then of course he had some birthday cake. No birthday should be without that. His Granny, and Pap ordered him a cake to celebrate. He LOVED the cake. He smooshed  it everywhere. Then for lunch I made him four chicken nuggets and a handful of fries. He ate those off of a plate, plastic fork in one hand, and used to other to shovel in the food. I placed his sippy full of milk on the tray of his high chair, and when he was thirsty he drank on his own without my help. For dinner he had some pasta with Mommy and Grandmother, and he had a whole slice of Garlic Bread, and some more milk. He then had to have a bath after the mess of pasta and cake, and had some formula before bed. He did splendid!

We went to Walmart with the money from his Grandma and Grandpa, and I bought him the plates he had his lunch and dinner on. They are green and have frogs on them, with little dividers to separate his food. I also got him three more sippys. All in all, today was good.

It’s been hard on me, to admit that I’m getting older. I know, I know, twenty one can hardly be called old. I just feel like I look old on paper. I have a now one year old son, I have been out of high school for four years now. I’m not as young as I was this time yesterday LOL

But alas, I must sign off as I have chores to do that have gotten pushed back on the roster, in favor of a little angel baby who is now, thankfully, sleeping in his crib. Thanks to all for your thoughts and wishes and letters and cards for our beloved boy.


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