Memorial Day, A day to remember fallen soldiers.

America The Beautiful- Celine Dion

We celebrate Veteran’s Day in honor of soldiers who have proudly served our country. This holiday is reserved for these wonderful men and women who care enough to devote their lives to this nation. But what is Memorial Day? To what is this day given credit, and what is it’s purpose?

Memorial Day is a day set aside for honoring U.S. soldiers that have fallen protecting our country, in the line of duty. So few people understand that tomorrow is about more than BBQ’s and beer, and flying kites with the kids. It has a deeper meaning that so many fail to grasp. Sure, the cook outs are fun, and watermelon sounds mouth-watering right now and we all need something to quench our thirst, and squelch the heat, but while your enjoying the perks of summer in America, think about those who are fighting so you can keep those “freedoms”.

Think of all the soldier who would kill for a hot dog, or a grilled chicken sandwich. Think of the man covered in mud and blood, who just wants to be at home with his daughter. Think of all the men and women who won’t come home this time. My heart goes out to all the military wives, and mothers of young sons to whom Memorial Day will be spent visiting and decorating graves, not bent in front of a grill. Think of the children, who miss their daddies  and won’t get to spend another holiday with them.

How can you think of families who have lost a loved one, and on a day reserved for them, think of nothing but sun, and fun. This is indeed the start of summer, but it’s so much more than that. This is the day so many families, too many to want to think of, will spend by the graves of someone that left this world far too soon. Freedom comes with a great price. A price the soldiers of the United States of America have paid so we can enjoy our burgers and dogs and Budlight.

Let us remember in the middle of stuffing our faces, with fat laden food, those who didn’t come home from war, and those who won’t. I’m not saying that cooking out is wrong, far from it. Everyone loves a good BBQ. I’m simply saying let’s put the meaning back into this holiday, and on your fourth trip to the grill, eat a burger in honor of a soldier, and not to satisfy your stomach. Summer is here yes, and we have the freedom to enjoy it, but let’s not take that for granted.

Remember, nothing in life is free. Some one has to pay the price. Happy Memorial Day, and blessings to all the families who are feeling like anything but celebrating today. Our thoughts are with you!


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