This entry is not for the faint of heart

Viewer discretion is advised when visiting the following article. This is a very sick thing this “mother” has done, however it touched my heart so deeply, I just had to share. It wouldn’t seem right not to.

A Texas woman on her first visit with her two preteen daughters, after ending a nasty divorce, lured the girls into an abandoned home. There she slit their necks, killing her twelve year old and seriously wounding her fourteen year old. After pleas from her dying daughter, she then calls 911. She very calmly (eerily calm if I may say so) tells the dispatcher that she has just killed her children. In disbelief you can hear the dispatcher say “what?” The woman again tells her “I’ve killed my children.”

She tells the operator where she took the children to kill them, but refuses to give her name. She then states that her oldest daughter wants to be saved, and could they please hurry the “blank” up. You can hear inaudible cries from the fourteen year old, and then in a very “motherlike” voice the woman tells her daughter help is on the way. She even calls her “honey” and “sweetie” several times. Like somehow sounding maternal will take away the girl’s horror. She tells the dispatcher that she is a nurse and could probably save the girl’s life but she “can’t handle it”.  She then pleads with the dispatcher, sometimes bordering on hysterics, begging her to get some one to the house to help her daughter. You can hear the fear in the female operators voice, and the change from disgusted to a very business-like tone, asking the questions needed for the report. When the police and ambulances arrive, the woman is fully cooperative.

It’s women like this that make the world a horrible scary place to be raising kids. To know that my son could some day go to school with a child raised by this type of person makes it hard to keep down my lunch. This is one article everyone with children should hear. There is a link on the site to the entire 911 phone call placed by this woman. Be warned however, it’s not pleasant to hear, and is very disturbing. Read on at your own risk, but if you can stomach it, do read this.

She undoubtedly deserves the two life sentences, but I think a far more inhumane death is deserved here. Something needs to be done to keep this from happening in the future. One of her daughter’s even Facebooked how excited she was to see her mommy that day. I bet she’s not as excited now.

My heart aches for these children. One cut too short from life, the other taught that you can’t even trust your own mother to keep you safe.


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