Entry for June 8, 2010

It is a scary and disturbing era we live in. Today, a Kansas man shot an wounded an officer who tried to detain him. The man is wanted for a homicide in Horton I believe it was. This makes me wonder what kind of a world our children are living in.

50 years ago, we never had to worry about this stuff. Sure, there were murders and crimes, but not on this level. This borders on insanity. Child abductions, and rapes, and suicides, it’s so very sad that the world is this messed up. You know, I never take the time to stop and think about all the pain in this world. I never miss a beat when it’s my life in turmoil, or when I’m going through a crisis. But I selfishly forget that others struggle too.

It’s easy to come up with new ideas for how the world should be run. Never mind the fact that no one asked me to run it, I still put in my two cents worth (or three or four cents) and on numerous occasions, I have found myself trash talking some one for something I’ve done. Call it hypocritical, whatever. At the time they deserved it, but then again, so have I had my moments worthy of trash talk.

I guess my point is, that everyone has problems, some more than others. Instead of finding a way to fix their broken minds, we put the “severely broken minds” in locked cells, and rubber rooms. The problem is not so much their actions as it is the thoughts that drive them. What goes on in some ones head that says it’s okay to shoot a cop? Why does that mechanism that “sane” people have that flickers on at a bad idea, not go off in their minds?

The world today scares me. I honestly say that from the depth of my heart, it terrifies me. I know I have to go out in it. I have to wake up everyday, and face things I cannot change. There are few things that frighten me more than not being able to control something. In fact, I can’t think of a single thing that scares me more. To be vulnerable, at my weakest moment.

I want to change things. I want to wave my hand and have all my problems vanish. I wish there were no more crimes, and that war could be eliminated. That countries, and individuals could stand together, instead of dividing among themselves. But alas, I do not run the world.

My thoughts seem to be just that. Nothing more than thoughts, and unspoken wishes, and silent cries that no one will hear. I’m not trying to be emotional here, I’m trying to tell a sad truth. Our world is sick, and it is disturbed. There are things that go on everyday that are too much for television to portray it to viewers. Things no one ever sees. Crimes go unnoticed everyday, bodies don’t get found, dead or alive. Who even knows?

The reality is that some day, somehow, this will all come to an end. The nature of the demise can be disputed. Based upon your religion (or lack of) you could have hundreds of different views on how and when society will cease to exist. But the one things all religions agree on, is the fact that it will someday (sooner than later) end. What’s left will be the end result of how we live our lives now.

Today, tomorrow, forever, stakes out our future, and maps our path to eternity (or not). Whatever your beliefs are, you must know that we’re in the middle of some very tough times. It doesn’t take much to look around yourself to see that. My wish for whoever may find this blog, is that you find the strength to overcome what life throws you. Go with the flow, and roll with the punches. Expect them to be cheap shots, and don’t be surprised if the winds gets knocked out of you.

I hope you take my late night ramblings to heart. Wherever you are in life, live it like it’s already over. It may be sooner than you think.


One response to “Entry for June 8, 2010

  1. The world is no different than it was 50 years ago. There is just more media attention now than there was then. Also, I’m a lot more afraid of the police than my fellow citizens. Don’t get all caught up in the fear hype.

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