Daycare, automobiles, and grumbly tummies.

This month has been a wild one, and this is the main reason for my lack of entries here. So many new things are changing daily, and I have a limited time to update you on this. First things first:

I am going to start volunteering on July 26th (This is better than the July 1st deadline I had earlier this morning). The delay is because of my trip to Branson coming up, July 19. My worker said we could wait until the Monday after for me to start, rather than go for two weeks, and then miss a week.

This gives me extra time to find a vehicle and a Day care. Zaden’s old day care he was in when I went to college has an opening around August first, but possibly the end of July (around the time I would need care). I might be able to talk my worker into letting me wait until August, because he said I had until the middle of August to be in something before my TANF would be reduced. This might work out after all! LOL

On the car front, I have a couple leads, only one is fairly serious. This is what I have so far:

A man from our church has a Jeep, he’s selling for $800. He has promised it to someone if they can get the money to him by this Thursday, if not, then I move to the head of the line on that. There is a 95 Taurus in town for $1,500, which is the top of my price bracket. It needs something done to the air filter, then it should be good to go. I’m going to see if Anthony will take me tomorrow to look at it.

There is a car in Cameron, this is the fairly serious one I’m concidering. The bottom dollar on it is $1,200, and they have the title in a title loan place. I’ve done some research, and I’m going to call their company tomorrow. I’m going to make an appt. Thursday with my mechanic to look at it and they are going to bring it up to me to take it in and have it checked. If all goes well, at the mechanics, then I’m going to follow them back to Cameron (which will also allow me to see how it does on the highway) and take the money to the title place, and they will give me something called a “lein release”. What this is is an official paper stating that the title loan no longer owns the car, and that it was sold to me, and that I’m the current owner of the car. They will come to me, and the price, second to the Jeep is the cheapest. This would leave me plenty of money, pending the findings at the mechanics, for plates and taxes and insurance on it. Anything left over, is staying in savings.

That’s all I know on that. I’m going to call a few more day cares and check on openings. I also, need to see how my application for child care assistance is going tomorrow.

I opened Zaden a savings account today. I opened it with fifty dollars, and I’m hoping to have more soon. I’ve been saving change since I was pregnant with him, and just now got most of it to the bank. The rest I put back in the jar for starting over. Every time I get fifty dollars in the jar I’m going to put it in his account. It’s going to be used for college when he’s older, or a car if he gets a scholarship. But I want him to go to school. It’s payable to him upon his 21st birthday, or sooner with my consent. This is because he might deside not to go to school right out of college, and blow this money on stupid things, I don’t want that. But if he does choose to go right away, I want him to be able to get it. So, if I sign it over to him he can have it at 18 for going to school. Otherwise at 21 it’s his to do whatever with. I can only hope at 21 he’s smart enough to do good things with it.

He’s not feelling much better today. I kept him up until six, in hopes that he might start taking naps. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get him to take one. Not sure how that will turn out but it’s worth a shot. He’s still not eating, and I think maybe a nap will get his body recharged, and make him feel better. he’s losing some weight, and I’m concerned enough that I made him a Dr. appt. for Wednesday to see what’s going on. Mom thinks it’s his ears, and I think she may be right. Either way, we need to find out.

Well, I need to sign off here, and make dinner. Anthony’s coming up tonight, and these pork steaks won’t cook themselves :)


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