I’m officially mobile! Well, almost.

Okay here’s the deal, after more than two weeks looking at cars and being insulted by the prices on junk, and upset at every good deal I watched some one else drive away in, I am proud to say I have found a car! Not a car exactly, but a Jeep.

I would never have considered myself a “Jeep person”. In fact I prefer smaller cars. A mid sized car would probably be too large for me. However, thinking from the stand point now of being a mom, and not some boy crazed teenager wanting something packing some speed, I can say I believe I can become a Jeep person. I’m learning new things about myself everyday.

I have an insane day planned today, with way too much to try and fit inside the confines of 24 hours, so I must bid you ado.  First on the agenda, get Insurance. Second? Get the Jeep!


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