Entry for June 27, 2010

I woke up today feeling out of sorts. I’ve been sick most of the morning. I haven’t gotten much done. I hung my new curtains I bought yesterday for my living room, and two more in my kitchen. Anthony is coming back up tonight for a little bit, and Monday I’m going to get plates for my Jeep, and get it insured and pay the taxes on it. Then, I’m taking my mom to lunch for a late birthday. It’s today but I’m not feeling up to going any where. Then I’m going to take my Jeep through a car wash, and vacuum it out, and buy some mats for the floor. Then I’m going to post some pictures up on Flickr. (I have my Flickr attached to this blog. New pictures are at the very bottom of my posts. Scroll down as far as you can.)

Tuesday is my birthday! Anthony asked for it ff for work, and since his is the second of July and he has to work that day we are going to have our birthday’s together. I’m making him pasta, with angel hair spaghetti and white sauce with shrimp in it, and I’m making brownies for dessert, with purple icing and sprinkles. His favorite color is purple.

That’s all that’s new here. I have a bit of cleaning to do. I’ll post pics of the Jeep as soon as I take them :)


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