What I Like Most About My "Job".

In life we have many "jobs". Some are full time occupations. Others are seasonal or temporary. Still others or more like hobbies. My current occupation, which is beyond the nine to five forty hour work week grind, has been the most rewarding. I am a mother. Any woman who has ever experienced the beauty and wonder of being pregnant, and the gut wrenching pain coupled with elations and mixed emotions of child birth will know what I'm talking about. Motherhood goes beyond simply changing diapers and wiping runny noses. It's more than that. It's about bonding, and sharing your life with the most amazing creature that has ever been created. It's about your baby. The love that shines in their eyes every time they notice you across the room. This is where the real pay off is. It may not always seem worth it. Like, at three in the morning when your cleaning up an accident for the fifth time that morning. When you're sleep deprived and hungry, and all you want is a back rub. The smiles, and laughter and loving "mommy looks" help you to get through those rough times. That's what I like most about my job. I go to bed every night knowing I have accomplished something worth while. That makes it all worth it.


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