Blog: entry for July 9, 2010

Have I written this month at all? I don’t think so. I’m sorry for that. In my busy-ness I have forgotten you. I am ashamed!

Here’s what’s new in my neck of the woods:

Been going to the gym almost everyday for the past week. I love it. There’s something about sweat that makes me feel empowered. And, slightly gross and very slimy, but that’s another subject all together ;)

I’m down to my pre pregnancy weight of 180 Woo-hoo!! Feeling good about that. Really good about that. It makes me what to go have a cheese burger to celebrate LOL (but I won’t!)

Doing some cleaning at the moment. Got some laundry going, then I’m going to sweep and mop my floors, and vacuum. (Don’t ask how long it’s been since I’ve done either. In my defense I’ve been busy and haven’t been home to mess anything up)

Been doing Avon. The order came in today, and so I need to fill out the new brochures and hand them out around here.

That’s about all really. Trying to find time to sleep, and eat, and have a life LOL

Hope your day is well, and “unbusy”


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