Entry for July 14, 2010

A lot is happening in my world. Been really busy lately with new things. I’ve been donating plasma a few times and I’m going to stick with it I think. It’s quick (about an hour for the process) easy, and virtually painless, although the fact that my veins roll make it somewhat uncomfortable. I get $25 the first time I donate in a week, and $30 the next time if I choose to go. That means I could make up to $55 a week. Sound good to me, considering it’s two hours out of my life every week. That’s about $28 or so an hour if it was a “job”, so I make out pretty well lol

I use that for gas money for my Jeep. That way nothing is coming out of my pocket for gas. That was something I was concerned about when I was thinking of getting a car was the added expenses. Not having to worry about buying gas every few days really helps. It takes around $50 to fill up my tank so I almost always have a full tank, and that’s nice too.

I’m also selling Avon. I haven’t made a whole lot there though. I’m on my second campaign and I’ve made about $10 each time. This is mainly due to my crazy schedule and forgetting to hand out books every where I go. But, I have put some in my Jeep and have started putting 2 books every place that I go. I figured that I’m always some where doing something, why not make back some of the money I’m spending there lol

I’m hoping after Branson I’ll be able to get back on my game.

Speaking of Branson, I leave Monday the 19th (next week!!!) on a 5.5 hour greyhound bus trip with a 13 month old. Crazy, fun, nerve wrenching lol But I’m looking forward to it. I plan on packing tomorrow morning before hitting the gym with my friend Carissa at four. I have everything but clothes laid out to be packed when I can. Tomorrow is when I’ll probably pack everything but clothes. Toiletries make up etc. Friday, I’m doing the plasma center thing again (I’m going to come home to a full tank of gas on the 23!!! lol) Then Saturday I need to do laundry, and I’m going to the gym with Carissa again at four Saturday too. After that Im going to pack my clothes and Zaden’s clothes.

Anthony is coming over Saturday night (he’s off Sunday) and spend some time with me before I leave. I’m hoping to have everything packed and ready to go by Sunday night.

My bus leaves Monday the 19th at 9:30 am, and I have to be there by 8:30am in order to get my ticket. So I need to get up early, but not early enough to do any last minute packing so I need to make sure I have everything packed by Sunday night before bed. I won’t be home until Friday the 23rd.

Then Monday when I return, I need to call David (The guy in charge of the volunteer thing) to talk with him about starting in August. The thing with the day care for Zaden fell through, and now mom will have to watch him for me. She won’t be able to until the first week in August. I’ve talked to david already and he said it’s fine, but we are going to work out an actual date for August. Right now all we have figured is the first week in August but he needs a concrete date to put down, so we’ll figure that out then.

I will have about a week of “normalcy” whatever normal is, before having to start volunteering. I have a place in mind already and can start whenever I need to. They are waiting for me to get things figured out with David, and then call them and say “okay I need to start this date” and they will have me come in. The lady I’ll be helping is so great to do this for me.

After I get back from Branson I’ll be doing better about handing out Avon brochures, and finding new customers. I’m doing okay now, $10 is more than I had, but it’s not my best. I’m struggling to balance it, but it will all work out in the end. It always does!

Well, that’s all I have time for right now. I’m getting ready to go to a friends house and have her help me dye my hair. I’m going back to brown.


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