Traveling Teddy bears, (and monkeys, and cars, and planes)

I learned pretty early into the game of parenting, to come prepared. There is nothing more ear splitting, and membrane ripping than the sound of a four month old’s wide open toothless scream for a binky that you left at home. Diaper bags were God’s gift to woman, I am certain, and no mother should be with out one. That said, allow me some time to mention some words of praise for mine.

It’s nothing special, just a simple black Infamil brand bag given to me by the hospital my son was born in. Along with some samples of formula, and extra diapers, and other baby essentials the hospital gives every new mom a “doggy–bag” so to speak neatly packed in a new diaper bag. Ours has become more essential than my purse. I cannot go anywhere with out it. If I’m going six blocks to the store then I need to make perfectly sure than his diaper bag is in tow. I have formulated the two together in my mind. Zaden= diaper bag.

But six blocks is one thing, a five and a half hour trip on a bus is another. It goes without saying that my son has a short attention span. So does most every one to three year old child I’ve ever met. Kid’s are designed that way. They are wired to be curious and inquisitive and to question everything. With that exploration comes an equal amount of boredom. How long can you stare at Mommy making “mooshy” faces in the mirror before you just get down right bored?

This is one big problem in my house. My son can play for hours by himself. He would love nothing more than for me to be around to pick up after him, feed him, and change his diaper on command. Then he would order me away and go back to his play when he was finished with my cleaning services. This sounds harsh but it’s true, and I enjoy his independence as much as he does. But there are times, when he is just bored. Nothing seems to entertain him. No amount of singing and hand clapping and patty caking can occupy his mind. When this situation occurs on the road (or in a store or a restaurant or on a five hour bus ride) I thank heaven I have a fully stocked diaper bag.

My essentials, I shall never be without when we’re out and about. I made sure I packed lots of toys.

In all honesty, I still have some packing to do, but I’m procrastinating. Which I know is a bad habit, especially since in about twelve hours I’ll be at the bus station on little sleep because I was up all night packing. But I digress.

I want my son to have every opportunity that comes his way. If it’s fun, then we’re down for the ride (quite literally in this case). I hate telling my son no to having fun, and at the age where learning and exploration is key to his development, I’m even more weary of it. I’m going way beyond my comfort level for this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to some much needed time with my family, and a break from reality for a while. But if he were older, I would be more enthusiastic about the trek.

I have (most) of my things packed, my son is in his bed getting rest for the big day ahead of us. My cat has the biggest bowl of food she’s ever seen in her short nine month long life. Enough to last her for five days (I’m hoping). All that needs to be done is the last minute packing that I keep putting off, and for me to get my shower for the night and wait on Anthony.

You know, life really couldn’t get much better than where it is now.


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