We screen terrorist preflight, what about teenagers?


After 9/11, airport security has changed. They’ve added several new policies, and check and double check (and triple check) everything. And rightfully so. We want the security to know that our plane will not crash into a major national landmark by a corrupt hijacker. But it seems to me instead of just limiting their searches to drugs and exotic animals, and running computer checks for known alquida, that we need to be checking for minor children.

Most companies dealing in transportation have policies, and I’m sure Southwest Airlines does as well, to insure that minor children do not travel alone. It makes me sick to learn how easy it is to get around these laws. When two teenagers, and their preteen brother were allowed to enter and board a plane, to Dollywood, something failed in our airline security system. Maybe it was already failed I don’t know. But this will most certainly make me think twice about flying.

My son has a good ways to go before he hits his teens and decides to pull something like this. But as a mom, it still makes me shiver to think that this could be my kid out there floating above the country.

My only hope is that if he does get a wild hair and take a cross country journey, that he chooses somewhere a little more tasteful than “Dollywood” to land on his runaway plane.


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