Baby sitting best friends, and breaking the “stranger danger”

As unfortunate as it is that I need to start working outside the home, (some times you just have to make ends meet) it is far more nerve racking that my son chooses now to begin his stranger danger phase. I have been working a little less than a month now, and he was staying with a family member up until recently. That no longer became a working arrangement and he is now with my best friend. It was hard for me to drive out of her driveway for the first time yesterday and leave my son in her care. Not that I’m not one hundred percent certain that he’s getting the best care that he can possibly get. it’s just that it’s easier to turn him over to family that has seen him everyday since he was born. It’s more difficult to trust your little one’s fate to some one outside of your own genes, however caring and nurturing they can be.

My son took to her amazingly well. Never a fuss, or a sniffle, and this made for a much more egar Momma. I got things done at work without worry, and that voice in the back of mind that said “Protect! Nurture! Protect!” was easily silenced. It was a good feeling to know, without a doubt that he was safe with her. Not to mention well fed and changed promptly.

I’m glad to know that i can trust in my friend, as is not the case with family, and also that my son is doing so well there. He does not fuss when and leave, and is exstatic to see me again upon my return. I wish I had known it would be this easy to return to work. I would have thought about it long before now. Though it probably wouldn’t have happened any earlier, it makes the thought of returning to the work field much easier to swallow.

Well, I need to sign off and get some files put together. Until next time, may your days be glad, and life be sweet!


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