What I'd Say to My 16-Year-Old Self

In life, I've had few regrets. I generally play by the rules, I understand the balance between responsibility and fun, I know that some times you have to do things you don't want to do. But, a time in my life, that I would go back and change is my teen age years. Particularly sixteen.

My Junior year in high school was difficult. Being over weight isn't something I'd wish on anyone. I'm working on my body image still to this day, and things kids have said to me are words not easily forgotten. I'm doing everything I can to keep my own child from making the same mistakes I did. And being over weight is one major life changing mistake. The worst part is, I did it to myself.

That's one thing, if I could go back and make nice with my sixteen year old self, that I would try and change. I would explain to my younger soul, the dangers of being obese. It's more than just a stigma. Although it is certainly that. Becoming over weight limits your ability to run, and causes several diseases, and just makes life hard. If I could go back and tell my younger, impressionable self one thing, it would be that a healthy diet, regular exercise and laughter are the foundation of a happy, long life.

It's my job as a parent, since time travel is nothing more than something out of Star Trek, to tell my son not my former self, about the harm and dangers of over eating. Even today, I'm trying to feed him healthy food, since is diet depends solely upon me. I'll get back to you in fifteen years as to wither or not he ends up like me. But I'll die trying to keep him from that fate.

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