Sleep…where hast thou gone?

I’m seriously considering going to see a Doctor and getting tested for insomnia. My sleep patterns have gone awry, and I can’t seem to find anything that could be triggering this. I don’t wake up tired though, in fact I have a sudden burst of energy upon awakening, only to crash and burn mid afternoon.

I guess maybe I really should see someone about it. it doesn’t really interfere with my daily life, so I’ve said “why bother”, but it’s not normal so I think I should bother getting it checked before it does become a problem.

I’ve had enough energy today to do chores. They’ve needed to be done majorly. Now that I’m working things have been getting away from me, and I needed the energy to catch up. Today I’ve found that energy and have some how transformed into Supermom. Doing about five hours worth of chores in three hours. Go Supermom!

Me and the boy will be headed out to get Chinese food in a bit with a good friend of mine. I felt like I should update since I hadn’t in a while. Take care, and have a safe and happy Labor day.


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