Learning begins and ends at home.

If knowledge is power, then reading must be at the cornerstone of basic learning. We all learn in different ways. Some grasp concepts by being shown the process, some learn by repeating what they have been shown. Still others by memorization. However our minds get around subject matter, it is important that we build the skill needed for learning in our own unique ways. Information comes at us faster than we can blink, and most often we consume more data than we really care to deal with. Adults seem to be able to “filter” through the heavy doses of information that gets chucked at them better than children do. This is perhaps because we have had so much practice with multi-tasking, and triaging life’s situations. Children don’t have this aquired skill.

One of the easiest ways to teach a child is by reading to them. By far one of the most beneficial things you can do for a child is to teach them to read. Reading brings about many more oportunities for a child, and even into adulthood they will reap what you have helped them to sew: a wealth of eternal knowledge. A better reader equals a better speller, which equals a higher english grade. This in turn creates a confident determined child. Math involves reading, science, social studies, everything requires the ability to understand the written word.

Books are not only one of the best ways to teach a child, it also stimulates creativity, and offers a chance for bonding. There’s nothing more satisfying to a child (or their parent) than curling up on Mommy or Daddy’s lap with their favorite book. If your child isn’t old enough to read on their own yet read to them. You will be setting them up for a future rich in culture, and understanding and diversity.

So read to your children. Pick up the phone book, grab the sports section out of the paper, read an article out of your favorite gossip mag. It doesn’t matter as long as it gets you conversing with your offspring. Trust me, they’ll thank you with their Harvard exceptance letters in about 18 years or so (or not). But you will for sure notice that he or she is better equipped to face the world once they have been taught to read.


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