I have won the battle of the veggies!

For every good and happy time you have with your child, you will have an equally frustrating one. You will laugh, and cry, and scowl, and coo. Your love you hold in your heart will never change, however there are sometimes when every mom has simply had enough.

For me those moments start and end with vegetables. I know he hates them. I really truly do. I understand that they are important, and he has to learn to eat them. Liking them is optional, and I frankly don’t care one bit if he ever likes them, he just has to eat them. Ha! Easier said than done.

I’ve tried everything. Bags of frozen vegetables smothered in butter,(completely unhealthy I know, and this plan still didn’t work!) Canned vegetables, fresh chopped ones. Nothing has worked. He picked them out of anything I cooked them with.

I was about ready to throw in the towel when I had an idea…

instead of giving him veggies on the side of his plate, and fighting with him while he throws them off his highchair tray, and then sweeping them up later, what if I put the impossible foods INTO the main dish?

It sounds too good to be true. But in fact, this was how I won the war! Tonight I made hamburger helper, a meal I knew he loved. I made a pan of peas on the stove top next to the browning hamburger. When it was cooked, I loaded his plastic divided plate up with the hamburger helper, and mixed a load of peas right in with it. I then put a few peas in one of the other sections of his plate. I cooled it off, gave it to him and watched.

Amazingly he ate the whole thing. Including the peas on the side! I was so excited that I have now figured out the secret to getting an active, picky boy to eat his vegetables.


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