The age of climbing stairs, and ditching his “sippy”

“I’ve told you time and time again, do not go in there!”. This is a phrase that is increasingly moving to the top of my vocabulary. The incessant climbing, followed by fit throwing when I object, is also frequent in my day to day living. Nothing can stop this new found climber from doing what he does best. The stairs attract him like light attracts a moth. He simply cannot pass by them and not make his way up them. No amount of scolding, or spanking, or telling him “no” will suffice.

He also has a love for “big boy cups” He’s so over the sippys. How could I even dare think that he would want one? That’s his attitude when I give him a beverage in one. He throws it most times, not even entertaining the idea of drinking from it. Other days he will drink from it, but not often. He is just too big.

He’s growing leaps and bounds everyday. He’s good at keeping me on my toes, and insists that I know just how big he is.

He is definitely the boss!


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