New entry for February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I want to start off this post with an appoligy for not writing more often. I should make that a resolution for this year. Perhaps it would have been more successful than my weight loss efforts.

Anyway, I am alive and well and back to bloggin’ although I do not have a whole lot to post this time.

Zaden is slowly ajusting to the new house. Not as quickly as I’d like but he’s sleeping through the nights again and that is a big plus. He does have the occasional “night terrors”. Night terrors are different from nightmares. A nightmare is generally defined as a bad dream. These can cause a child to awaken with fright. Night terrors usually do not wake the child. The responce you get from them is while they are still asleep. Children who have a terror episode usually roll over after and are fine. His episodes are getting fewer and farther between. Maybe once a week now, but normally not that often. Maybe three times a month.

That is wonderful compared to the three and four he was having a NIGHT!

Other than that we are all doing splended.

Hope you are as well :)

Until next time, Warm wishes and good thoughts your way.


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