Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where does the time seem to go? One minute it seems like life is on a steady path, traveling down it seems effortless. Then you start to notice the wind whipping past you. Things that you once took time to notice now seem so foriegn. How does this happen?

It makes me wonder as a parent, how much of my son’s life has gone unnoticed. Not by intention, but just by curcumstances in life. Reality is that we are all busy living life. Our day to day schedules are different, but they contain the same basic structure. We sleep, we eat, we work/go to school/make a living somehow, and we love. Any person you ask would give their own price to have more time, but you can believe they’d all like more of it.

Time is one of my biggest enemys. Time has past me by in such a blur, that I find this next statement impossible to grasp. My son will be two in a little under a months time. My little baby, who seemed even more “babylike” at this birth of this blog, now seems so far from that which he was not long ago.

He has a mouth full of teeth, a full head of hair that I’ve had to cut twice, and a vocabulary that grows almost daily. His physical feats would leave a gymnist in awe. And yet, he’s not done. This growth isn’t over. Not by my choice mind you, but because of his own want and desire to learn, to feel, and to be.

This all has taught me to take time to slow down, and notice the life all around me. To litterally stop and smell the roses on my way down this path called life. To nurture my inner child, and to be still and listen. If only for a minute we are young, then as a breath passes, we forget what joy lies in childsplay.


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