Sometimes You Have To Throw In The Towel

As women we are naturally obsessed with perfection. Our hair has to be just so, our clothes have to look a certain way. We spend time and money creating our “image” and effort to project this to others. Perfection has been at the front of our minds since the dawn of time. It seems all to fitting, although unfortunate, that this perfection dosn’t stop here.

Our need to perfect goes beyond what we say, and how we dress and how other percieve us. It spills out into our “real life” too. I use quotations to prove a point. For most of us, especially those involved with the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.) the life we project outwards is not always what’s going on inside closed doors. We put up these walls designed to protect us. Heaven-forbid we should be found unperfect. It seems a little obsessive doesn’t it? It can feel that way too.

It’s because of this obsession to appear flawless, that we find one of pur biggest faults. I was reading an article in Cosmo today about this very topic. They were writing an article about a young woman who almost killed herself while in college. She was a pretty young woman, newly married, mother of 2 twin baby girls. Her life seemed perfect on the outside. And her 500+ facebook friends, family, and misc. others on her friendslist all believed that it was.

She put so much effort into coming across as this perfect blushing bride, mother of two angels etc. to hide an ugly secret. Her husband was having an afair. Before they got married really, so I’m not sure if it counts as an afair, but he was cheating none the less. She his this dirty little secret from everyone. Including her mom, the person she shared everything with. It hurt her so much the only answer she could find was to end her young life. Divorce was too public, and what would her kids do without a father? The same thing they would do without a mother if she had succeeded.

It’s stories like this that make my heart break. WOMEN! It doesn’t have to be this way…We are but human. I think in our never-ending quest to be “supermom” and the ideal wife, we lose ourselves. Our kids are and should be our lives. We should always give 100% to our husbands and boyfriends and partners. But first, we should give to us, because if we can’t lift ourselves up and support our own weight, how can we have anything left to give another?

Stay positive, you are beautiful the way you are.


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