Be weary of the moment

There comes a time in a mother’s life when she is forced to understand the magnitude of our role. We play mommy, we play wifey, most of us even play employee, or boss. But has anyone ever sat and thought about how these roles define us? We eat, sleep, and breath what we do. It’s not a jacket we can take off like a CEO returning home after a stressful day. We go from working in stress, meeting deadlines, pushing papers, pounding the pavement; and then we come home, to making dinner, wiping noses and bottoms, and listening to partners complain about how their day was so hard.

No one will understand this better than another mother. I think inside we all know this. No matter how badly we want our male counterparts to understand how we feel, there’s a part of us who knows they won’t. Our brains are wired differently. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me it’s not some excuse to give them some slack for nothing getting what we go through. It’s an honest to god fact.

A man is driven to protect his family. He wants to feel needed and to have some purpose in life. That purpose is us and our kids. So when we come to him, obviously upset and in turmoil, his instinct is to fix it. “We can’t afford all our bills? I’ll take more shifts at work.” The solution is simple to him, and the decision final. But to us, when we don’t see him enough as it is, the thought of him leaving us to do more work around the house in his absence, isn’t exactly palatable.

A lot of our issues as partners stems from mis-communication.

Now what does this have to do with kids, you’re wondering. I has everything to do with how we raise our kids. Our kids are like little sponges, as I’m now learning with my 3 year old. They pick up on what you say, but more than that, they can pick up on how you feel. A high stress, high energy environment isn’t conducive to letting them grow and learn.

Please, let us all (myself included) Take a look at how we love our other halves. Let’s love them deeply, and love ourselves truly. It doesn’t need to stop now than Valentine’s Day has past.

And it shouldn’t. What are your thoughts on this. I’d love to read some. Please leave a comment if you feel so inclined. and as always, have an amazing day!


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