When your words become your legacy

Angry Talk (Comic Style)

Angry Talk (Comic Style) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll be honest with you, there are days when I wake up and wonder how I get here. This life spent unemployed, with a child who undermines me, and a Daddy who is worse. There are days I wake up at 7am like usual, and roll back over until 10 when I have to be dragged from my bed. I’ll warn you, this won’t be one of my more chipper posts.

Today, I have been yelled at, cussed at, told “I hate you”, called a liar, been told I’ve done nothing all day (more on this later, it deserves a separate rant) in no particular order, by at least one male in this house today. And it’s driving me bonkers.

I have done the laundry, washed dishes, attempted to once again potty train my son, and written a few articles for a few content mills to get some income into this house. But yet, I really have done nothing today. It’s 1:23pm, and I’m ready to go back to bed. Forget dinner, forget the half a million other things I have planned, and just go back to bed and wake up tomorrow. Or not, I really don’t care at this point.

I am sorry to everyone who doesn’t like what I have to say just now. But this is real, and it’s me, and that’s what I blog about. Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “When your words become your legacy

  1. Days like this one needs to put on a bathing suit, a sexy cover up, some sandals and head to the beach/pool, a long way from the house. Forget them and focus on YOU.

    Let the ungrateful fend for themselves for a day.

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