Poisonous Mommy

There’s many things we do to protect our kids. Some are pretty straight forward such as advising them not to touch the stove or to pick their shoes up from the top of the stairs. No one would argue the fact that these are great ways to keep our children safe. But there’s a fine line between simple things such as that and the things I find my self saying lately. You see, a few days ago I got a bad case of poison Ivy. I have never in my life had it, so imagine my surprise when I learn (the very hard way) that I am allergic. To try and describe my suffering wouldn’t do it justice and I’m really not trying to be a martyr. But I will say Poison Ivy in your eye really hurts. Yes, that’s right; I said IN MY EYE. It’s so rediculous how much of my body is covered in red splotches.

So, The only plan I devised to keep Zaden from getting it is to forbid him from touching me. It’s the hardest thing I’ve done in 25 years to tell my kid no when he says “Mommy, want kiss” and sticks his lower lip out at me and then proceeds to throw a king sized tantrum. Which places me in front of another delema… since I can’t really scold him for throwing a fit due to his mom refusing to kiss him. Every time I think the day can’t get worse, some kind of poison sets in. But it’s okay, lot’s of good things are happening today. I found out I am stronger than some plant!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday. (Those words really shouldn’t be together in any sentence ever)


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