Tragic endings breed learning and knowlege

I have an unsatiable thirst for knowlege lately. I will be attending college in January and will even be footing the bill. No grants or loans for this gal. Ive been tweeting and googling and youtubing like no other, trying to soak up as much wisdom as i can.

Im reminded tho with each search term what today is. I cant visit without seeing 9/11 everywhere. Not that its a bad thing. It helps to look back at where we have come as a country so we appreciate where we are headed. Take time today to remember the lives lost. Hug ur children because u dont know when u may get another chance. Hug them a little longer and tell them u love them. Sure they know it,but say it anyway. Be glad ur here to spend the day with them. Do it in remembrance of the mothers and fathers and sons and daughters who wont be spending time with their families today because their spending the rest of their lives with God.


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