I bid thee farewell

This blog has been many things for me personally. It was the first blog I created other than my totally outdated blogger account that everyone had in the late 90s. It has been a place for me to find myself, and in this I found a lot of dear friends and subscribers. I had a clear purpose for this blog, to document my struggle with my autistic son and to share the joys of being a young first time mother. And up to now I feel like I have stayed true to this purpose.

But now, due to a very personal string of events, I feel like this blog has failed in it’s original purpose. What I created it for is no longer relevant. I have considered just taking it down, but I feel like it still has some useful information. And that ultimately was what I had hoped for. To all my followers, I thank you. To everyone who finds this site after this post, I welcome you to read about and learn about my precious baby boy. That truly is my wish.

I will continue to post from my other blog: thethoughtnazi but I will be shutting down my Bianca T Co Productions blog as well due to lack of interest on my part.

Thanks to everyone who supported my journey.

Many Blessings,


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