Entry for April 23, 2010

Hello again blog world! Hope this day finds you well, and in good favor. Not a lot going on here really, just doing some laundry and loafing around. Heavy on the loafing, it seems I’ve been doing a great deal of that lately. I’m needing to mop floors, but I will probably do that later, or put it off until tomorrow. I like the latter of those two ideas.

I’m not normally a procrastinator, but recently I’ve been feeling rather “blah” and unmotivated. My house is clean, as always, and I say why clean what is already mostly clean. I have vacuumed, and done a load of dishes and two loads of laundry. I’ve earned this early day off I believe.

This leaves me with nothing much to do while my son naps, so this seemed anĀ opportune moment to write an entry.

Anthony came up after work on Tuesday, and I made him fried chicken. I had never made fried chicken before, although I’d eaten my fair share of the greasy good dish several times. It came out decent. I would give it a two or a three out of ten. He would tell you it was much better, and maybe he’s right. I’m just a very harsh critic on myself. I made cornbread to accompany the chicken, and it turned out very well. I was pleased with that.

After dinner, we listened to music, and sat around talking about his job, and life while he was away, and a little about Zaden. Wednesday, in the morning after I woke up and got around and did things I needed to do at the house, he had brought his XBOX and I watched him play. Believe it or not, it is quite fun to watch. He has been playing the “Halo” series, one through three, walking me through the story line and explaining things to me. He started Halo three on Wednesday, and played most of the morning. Pausing for lunch and dinner, and when Zaden needed me. Zaden had a good time watching as well, and wanted Anthony to hold him. That’s what I thought at least, until we figured out that he just wanted the controller. They start young these days.

That’s what we did mostly on Thursday too, but we did more cuddling, and talking. After he finished with Halo three, we listened to some music, and had left over tater tot casserole, he made for us on Wednesday night. I had the rest for lunch a few moments ago.

Today I saw him for a few hours this morning. From around nine, until he left at eleven. He is working today, and I’m not sure the next time he will be off. The new schedule isn’t out yet, that has his days off for this week.

Zaden is eating the paint off his crib. I found little white specks in his diaper, and paint on his face when I got him from the crib this morning. I was also given another surprise by my wonderful son. He had taken his diaper off some time in the night, and was covered in poop, on his arms and legs, and stomach, everywhere but (Thank God!!!) his face. The sheets needless to say were covered, as were his blankets. I had a real patience tester this morning. He continues to eat the paint from the sides of his crib, and I’m afraid I have to buy him a new one. As much as I don’t have the money right now, I can’t afford not to. This could get serious, my son eats paint. Never a good thing.

I got my bills for this month, almost all of them anyway. Still waiting on the water bill, and my phone bill to be taken out of my account. I have it directly taken out to save about $10 each month, and that helps quite a bit.

I guess that’s really all I have to say at the moment. Like I said not a whole lot going on today. I will try and write an entry tomorrow. If not, then have a great and blessed weekend.


One response to “Entry for April 23, 2010

  1. What a sweet story. I laughed at the image of Zaden in the crib. Oh man, I remember Levi did that a few times too. Amazing how far baby poo can be flung, isn’t it?

    With that exception it sounds like a good day. Nice family story….

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